What Can You See in Salt Lake City?

Mormon Temple

At each end of this huge granite structure, are three towers. The highest of these, at the east end, bears a 13-foot-high gilded figure of the angel Moroni.

Natural History Museum of Utah

There are seven permanent collections including Paleontology, Anthropology, Entomology, Vertebrate Zoology, Mineralogy, Botany, and Malacology (the study of molluscs).

Joseph Smith Memorial Building

One of the main buildings in Temple Square is the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

More Tours in Utah

Zion National Park

The oldest and the most popular National Park in Utah, Zion means “heavenly mountain”. The majesty of the surrounding nature inspires reverence.

Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake, which borders the state's capital, Salt Lake City, is salty because its tributary rivers are constantly transporting small amounts of salt, dissolved from the surrounding rocks in their water.

Canyonlands National Park

About 35 miles from Moab, in southeast Utah, Canyonlands National Park is divided into three segments that are separated by the Colorado and Green Rivers, which flow through Canyonlands.

The Amazing Fauna of Utah

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